How does a Quince Taste?

We have four quince bushes growing in our yard. One year, they were especially plentiful. We harvested them and gave them to someone at the church to make quince jelly since we have no clue how to do that.

We couldn't resist trying them out. Now, the kids would like to demonstrate how a quince really tastes.

Annie's sour face

Annie: Ewwww!

Arthur's sour face

Arthur: Orrrr!

Alden's sour face

Alden: Ick!

A word to the wise from an quince eating pro:

    Time: Tue Dec 13 16:05:32 2005
    Name: Helene Christine
Comments: Quinces are NOT eaten as an apple or pear. Use them for marmalade or jelly 
or sauce. The taste is so great you will never forget. I have only one tree 
in my garden and I make every year jelly and marmalade., The children eat 
it as mad and it is very healthy.

Now she tells us.

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