Kids' Workshop under the Stairs

This page describes a little workshop my kids and I built under the stairs. It mirrors the one I had when I was a child growing up in a condominium. Most homes have this "dead space" underneath the stairs that you can access by knocking out some Sheetrock. If you don't have that, you can build a "room within a room" in your basement.

Workshop Entrance

This is the entrance to the area. I had to re-route a wire over the top of the door threshold. I added a light switch and a little light (40w fan bulb) so they could see in there. Currently, the workshop is a big mess, because they invited a friend over to play yesterday and had fun smashing up a brick with their hammers.

Drawing on a stud

This is their space, so when Annie asked if she could draw, I told her it was hers to do with as she pleases.


This is the pegboard we hung up for their tools. I gave them each a screwdriver and a small hammer. I told them they would have to get the rest of their tools on their own somehow. I'm not sure what other tools I trust them with. I'm sure Grandma will donate safety equipment.

This is the kids space. For the most part, I intend to let the kids decide what they want to do with it unless I see something dangerous.


I put up gypsum board (sheetrock) to cover the exposed wiring Annie promptly drew a picture on it. I also Re-routed the HVAC return. I made an "in the wall" type of cuct for the return so that the flexible duct could connect up at the ceiling.

Escape Hatch

Moving the air return left a little rectangular hole. I opened it up further to create an "escape hatch" the kids could crawl through.

Phone Jack

I put a phone jack in. Annie is starting to enjoy using the phone. She also wanted to paint the walls, so we let her do it.


I added a small workbench which is very sturdy. I laminated a piece of particle board with some 3/16" plywood which makes for a solid surface for hammering or other work.

Future plans:

  • Finish re-routing HVAC (done)
  • Put a cover over the light bulb. (done)
  • Add a child safe power outlet? nahhh.
  • Finish sheetrock over exposed wiring.
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