Eric Z. Ayers' Resume

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This is the "long version" of my resume which includes a list of the kinds of projects I have worked on.

                                   Eric Z. Ayers
                        email:  ericzundel at gmail dot com

                  To obtain a position designing and developing software as a
                  part of a talented, creative, quality conscious team applying
                  my current skills as well as new development languages,
                  platforms, and techniques.

                  Master of Science Computer Science, June 1995. 
                  College of Computing - Georgia Institute of Technology
                  Bachelor of Science, June 1993.Georgia Institute of Technology

                  Languages: Java, C, C++, Python, Perl, Ruby, Unix Shell 
                  OS/GUI:    Unix/X Windows/Swing/GWT MacOS
                  Platforms: Linux/Solaris/HP-UX/Tru64/Unix/MacOS
                     Microsoft Windows, PIC and Atmel microcontrollers

                  Proficient in UNIX programming, system configuration
                  and administration. TCP/IP networking, high-availability 
                  solutions, client/server programming, Database/SQL 

                  Developed Web software, compilers/interpreters, search data
                  structures.  Able and willing to adapt to new environments quickly.

                  International Experience: Worked as a part of a 
                  multinational team with presences in 8 countries, with 
                  over 100 international customers. Travel to Austrailia, Brazil, 
                  Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, China, U.K.

                  "Glyphmaker: Creating Customized Visualizations of
                  Complex Data," IEEE Computer: Special Issue on
                  Visualization. July 1994

                  "Using Graphic History in Browsing the World Wide Web,"
                  World Wide Web Journal. December 1995.

   EXPERIENCE     May 2014 to Present
                  Committer, Pantsbuild project http://pantsbuild.github.io

                  Working on the Open Source Pants project that provides an 
                  efficient and extensible build tool modeled after Google's Blaze.

                  February 2013 to Present
                  Software Engineer, Square

                  Java Build Taskforce - Providing tools and troubleshooting to 
                  increase developer productivity

                  September 2012 to January 2014
                  Principal Member of Technical Staff, Salesforce.com

                  Service protection team, writing software to monitor and
                  provide quality of service for multitenant cloud services.
                  October 2007 to August 2012
                  Software Engineer, Google
                  Member of the Dart team - a new language for the web.
                  Worked on compiler, static analysis and editor.
                  Member of the Google Web Toolkit team - a product that
                  allows authoring websites in Java using an IDE that is
                  compiled into JavaScript for deployment.   Worked on 
                  libraries, compiler.
                  SpeedTracer team - worked on automated performance analysis,
                  UI, configuration management, and integration with 
                  HTML5 web workers.

                  June 1995 to October 2007
                  Senior Software Engineer, Intec Telecom Systems
                     (Computer Generation Incorporated)

                  Primary Assignment:
                  Inter-mediatE (ImE): Designed, developed, installed,
                  documented, and supported mission critical application on
                  High Availability Unix for domestic and international
                  telecommunications companies.  An original member of a team 
                  that has grown from 6 people to a more than 50 person team. 
                  This is the flagship product for CGI.
                  Software Development team leader - Responsible for small team 
                  of developers, maintaining and implementing new features for 

                  Support Strategist - Served as first assignment for Lead 
                  Support Engineer and documented support procedures to be 
                  followed by a support team that has grown up to handle 
                  increased support load.  Introduced Bug Tracking Software, 
                  source code revision control,  software release methodology
                  for product as a push to bring CGI to higher Capability 
                  Maturity Model (CMM) level.

                  Other Responsibilities: Developed other sub-products related
                  to ImE. Lead initial system installation and supervised 
                  subsequent install/upgrade procedures, internal system 
                  administration and support. Deployed internal
                  network services for CGI and CGI's customers - DNS, PPP, 
                  FTP, HTTPD,  GATED, Web Searching, SNMP, and Firewall 
                  services for corporate network.

                  June 1994 to June 1995 Research Assistant, Georgia Tech
                  Research Institute HyperTech: An "industrial size" hypertext
                  system developed for the USAF. Provides import/export of
                  graphics and text/HTML. C, Motif, and Sybase

                  March 1992 to June 1994
                  Research Assistant, College of Architecture - Georgia Tech
                  Architecture Library Slide Project: Windows Application to
                  browse image database. Also developed multimedia, and
                  kiosk applications.

                  2007     Designed and implemented multithreaded
                           database reorg for internal database.

                           Implemented Solaris Clustering integration 
                           with ImE.
                           Expanded GWT Developer's Guide by documenting
                           previously undocumented features and providing
                           more examples.

                  2006     Re-architected clustering solution for 
                           Inter-mediatE product. 

                           Worked with RedHat to iron out OS problems 
                           for clustering integration with ImE.
                           Added threads to some core components of ImE.

                  2005     Improvements to ImE product to make it 
                           multi-thread safe and fail fast.

                           Implemented general purpose data viewer
                           in Java.

                           Implemented a DIAMETER protocol server.
                  2004     Bug Brain hobby robot kit. Modified
                           to add infrared sensors to detect 
                           objects.  First prize in annual AHRC
                           Robot Rally Open competition.

                           Performed threaded SOAP protocol server 
                           maintenance work to improve reliability 
                           and performance after resignation of primary

                  2003     Implemented a subsystem in Java using Swing
                           and in-house developed infrastructure.

                           Implemented a RADIUS protocol server.

                  2002     One of the architects of a major rewrite of
                           the Inter-mediatE user interface in Java.

                           Data Reduction Unit: Project Lead for a 
                           high-availability embedded product targeted 
 			   at collection of IP related accounting 
                           information from high volume IP network elements.

		           Open source contributions to Linux Kernel,
                           Linux-HA high availability project, Kimberlite, 
                           and memtest86.

                  2001     In the wake of a terrorist attack of September 11,
                           initiated intensive effort to  rewrite the 
                           search engine to be multithreaded and optimized 
                           for call data generated in New York.  Achieved a
                           100x performance increase.

                  2000     Cluster Cache Database
                           Computer Generation Incorporated
                           Designed and implemented a followup to the Cached 
                           Index Database to add capability to operate in a 
                           multi-machine (clustered) environment.

                           Remote Gathering Agent (RGA)
                           Computer Generation Incorporated
                           Designed and coordinated developer on an extention 
                           to client software designed to run in either an NT 
                           or UNIX environment to facilitate Data Collection
                           using the pthreads library.
                           Implemented a RADIUS accounting server using
			   the RGA framework.
                           Rocky's Boots Clone
                           A clone of a children's game that teaches logic.  
                           Currently in progress, the game is being developed 
                           using C++ and the platform independent Qt toolkit.

                  1999     Dents
                           The Dents project is an effort to implement
                           the DNS protocol with a fresh approach.  The
                           server will have a sophisticated control facility
                           and is designed to be extensible through a 
                           system of modules to serve Resource Records.
                           As a part of the Dents team, I work on driver 
                           development, testing, debugging, and project 

                           SNMP Data Collection
                           Computer Generation Incorporated
                           Feasibility Study and High Level Design

                           Internal Services re-deployment
                           Computer Generation Incorporated
                           Upgraded hardware and OS of machines hosting 
                           internal  network services, identified and 
                           assigned system administration tasks that were 
                           being neglected.  Ended in defining role for 
                           new System Administrator position.

                  1998     Archive System
                           Computer Generation Incorporated
                           Feasibility Study and High Level Design
                           ISDN Early Warning System
                           Computer Generation Incorporation
                           Stepped in as a project manager to insure quality
                           and on-time delivery for an international
                           telco customer. Project was completed in 
                           3 months and installed on time and on budget.

                           Partial Record Assembly
                           Computer Generation Incorporated
                           As team leader, designed subsystem, worked
                           as part of the coding team, managed schedule
                           and testing.

                           FTP client and server software.
                           Computer Generation Incorporated
                           This is a from-scratch implementation of the 
                           Internet File Transfer Protocol (rfc959).  
                           Implemented FTP client software for ImE.
                           Later assumed maintenance and design-authority 
                           responsibilities for all FTP client and server 
                           software within ImE.   Implemented site commands,
                           passive transfers, new commands and user interfaces,
                           Record mode transfers, performance improvements
                           and bug fixes.  
                           Wrote a registration system for a Linux 
                           trade show (the Atlanta Linux Showcase) and
                           ran the registration booth to handle more
                           than 2,000 attendees.
                  1997     Data Dictionary
                           Computer Generation Incorporated
                           Modified GNU C compiler to create a tool used for
                           displaying ISAM databases for end user display,
                           inter-machine communication (byte swapping), 
                           and internal database development tool. 
                           C/gcc/yacc/lex on Unix.

                           Cached Index Database
                           Computer Generation Incorporated
                           Developed a library to cache a multi key, multi
                           index database in memory to achieve >2,000
                           reads/sec performance. Used in production at a
                           major international telephone company for over
                           1 year. Library to be deployed as an integral part
                           of future applications. C on Unix platforms.

                           Dialup Support Server
                           Computer Generation Incorporated
                           Integrated standard Unix tools and custom
                           scripts to create a dialin/dialout server to bridge
                           networks using modems and PPP with over a
                           dozen customer sites. Linux.

                           Atlanta Linux Showcase
                           Atlanta Linux Showcase Incorporated
                           Helped organize and present a trade show in
                           Atlanta for over 30 vendors of Linux related
                           equipment. Show began with more than
                           than 1,000 attendees in 1997. Show has doubled in
                           size every year since. Developed online 
                           registration application and coordinated speaker 
                           presentations. Member of the Board of Directors.

                  1996     Inter-mediatE
                           Computer Generation Incorporated
                           As a part of a team developed software for ImE
                           product, including libraries for searching, sorting
                           and network communication using proprietary
                           and Industry Standard protocols. Developed and
                           maintained user interface tools and application
                           code. Developed and maintained application
                           servers and high availability implementation.
                           Performed initial installation of product for
                           several customers until support staff could be
                           hired and trained. 

                           Other duties included assisting sales and
                           marketing staff for deploying new product,
                           supervising hardware specification and
                           installation, developing training course and
                           support documentation. Helped port product to 4
                           different versions of Unix. Product has been in
                           production for 2 years at domestic and
                           international telecommunications companies.
                           Product generated >$10M revenue in 1997.
                           System comprises of over 500,000 lines of C on
                           various UNIX platforms with a large set of
                           internally developed libraries. 

                  1995     Graphic History Browser
                           Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center -
                           Georgia Institute of Technology
                           A customization to the Mosaic web browser to
                           display the history of documents visited in a web
                           browsing session as a graph. Featured as Demo for
                           GVU and presented at the WWW4 conference.
                           C/Motif on Unix workstations. 

                           Bug Tracking Software
                           Computer Generation Incorporated
                           Independently developed a system for entering
                           and tracking trouble tickets and demonstrated to
                           management. Developed as a web interface.
                           Implemented in 2 weeks. Has been used for 3
                           years in production. Perl/mSQL/Apache on Unix 

                           Rating System
                           Computer Generation Incorporated
                           Worked as a member of a 2 person team to port a
                           legacy application from VMS to Unix. Added new
                           features and Graphic User Interface. Project
                           completed in 3 months - less than half the time 
                           estimated by the project manager. C/Motif on Unix. 

                  1994     Printing Shop Application
                           Independent Consultant

                           Called in to "save the day" for Georgia Tech
                           Printing and Photographic Center. Upgraded
                           software and hardware, performed
                           troubleshooting and trained users on proprietary
                           print shop management application. SCO Unix. 

                           Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center -
                           Georgia Institute of Technology
                           Assisted graduate student to produce a short
                           computer generated animation sequence as a part
                           of a Thesis. C++/GL/Renderman on IRIX Unix.

                           Georgia Tech Research Institute
                           A hypertext authoring and viewing system
                           developed for the United States Air Force.
                           Included visualization for document structure as
                           well as content. C/Motif/Sybase on Sun

                           Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts
                           One of the founders of what is probably the largest 
                           Linux user's group in the Southeast.  Lead 
                           meetings, arrange for speakers, coordinate 
                           activities.  Average attendance in 2000
                           is 100 members per meeting.

                  1993     Digital Video Demonstration
                           College of Architecture - Georgia Institute of
                           Used Intel's DVI hardware to digitize and present
                           a course for learning Business Japanese.
                           Microsoft Windows C SDK

                           Microsoft Mail/SMTP Gateway
                           Office of Information Technology Network
                           Services - Georgia Tech 

                           Wrote gateway software to transfer mail between
                           a 300 user Microsoft Mail network and an SMTP
                           network. Achieved significant performance
                           increase over commercially available gateway
                           software. C/Turbo C on Unix and Microsoft DOS.

                           Web Based Account Management Application
                           Independent Consultant

                           Developed a Web Based interface to user account
                           usage information for a small Internet Service
                           Provider. Perl and Apache web server on Linux. 

                  1992     Glyphmaker - 
                           Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center
                           -Georgia Institute of Technology 
                           A Programmerless approach for customizing
                           visual data representation. Written for SGI
                           workstations using GL, Motif, and Iris Explorer
                           on IRIX Unix. 

                           Architecture Library Slide Project
                           College of Architecture - Georgia Institute of
                           Developed an application to browse a database of
                           images served from a network. Asymmetrix
                           Toolbook and DBASE III on Microsoft Windows 

                           Kiosk Prototype 
                           Independent Consultant
                           Worked with group of entrepreneurs to develop
                           prototype kiosk software marketed to retail
                           shoppers. Asymmetrix Toolbook on Microsoft

                  1991     Architecture Studio
                           College of Architecture - Georgia Institute of
                           Used CAD, Animation, 3D Modeling and Virtual
                           Environment software in lieu of traditional
                           Architectural drafting and modeling techniques
                           in studio. Multiple hardware and software

                           CAD Course
                           College of Architecture - Georgia Institute of
                           Hired as Instructor to teach CAD software to
                           graduate and undergraduate students. Autodesk
                           AUTOCAD and 3D Studio. As an undergraduate student,
                           developed course plans and taught the course to 
                           Graduate students for two years.

                           Multimedia Kiosk
                           College of Architecture - Georgia Institute of
                           A stand alone information kiosk for the College
                           of Architecture. Asymmetrix Toolbook and
                           Autodesk 2D software on Microsoft Windows.


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