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Spook on a Rope


This project was designed in conjunction with the Faux Candles project. The idea is to use a wiper motor (I have several) to move a figured back and forth across a rope. A remote control unit triggers the controller attached to the spook. A piezo siren fires of at first, and then the controller starts the movement sequence. The spook then lights up with some LEDs and lamps. A limit switch tells the spook it is at the end of the rope.

More Details

First of all, if you need technical info on using wiper motors, visit scary-terry

Here's a work in progress shot:

This 1 1/2" diameter pulley is too small. The spook moved very slowly, even at the highest unsupported, you'll burn your motor out speed. Next, I got a 4" plastic clothesline pulley. The speed was much better. Unfortunately, I never got the remote control receiver working with this controller, so I had to go with something simpler. Maybe next year I can pick up where I left off.

What a great find!

Doug Caulkins and I were on a geocache hunt during lunch and found this bracket from a telephone line just lying on the ground down in a ditch. I did my civic duty to keep Dunwoody beatiful and took it home to use as a mount for the spook. I mounted some daylight bright red and green LEDs for illuminating the eyes.

Halloween 2005

Here are some photos of the spook in 2005 without the motors. We still hung it on a rope, but there was no movement. A blacklight illuminated it from below.

The spook's face mounted Larger Image

A somewhat blurry image of the spook hanging on the rope. Larger Image

Annie drew the spook's face. More than one trick-or-treater told me that this was a scary face. And Annie knows scary.

For 2005, I had to cop out and just flash the leds and occasionally turn on the siren for a second or so.

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