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The Dragon

Every year, our neighborhood has a social event called Chip and Putt. Some of the neighbors build a small golf hole in their yard, and the other neighbors play a round of golf. I have never participated before this year, but two weeks before the event, we decided we would sponsor a hole.

Of course, I couldn't just plant a flag in the yard and lay down a astroturf welcome mat to tee off... no, I had to kick it up a notch!

mechanical dragon mini-golf

dragon with wings down

dragon with wings up

back of dragon - mechanism

Here is the business end of the dragon.

  • An old car battery charger provides a 12 volt power source for:
  • the surplus Trico wiper motor, great for a variety of hobby uses. The wiper motor drives:
  • an ANSI #35 chain to:
  • a go-kart 72 tooth gear.
  • I made an oval cam out of some 1" stock oak (after finally adjusting my bandsaw to cut in a straight line!) and mounted it on the 72 tooth gear.
  • The cam drives an arm, also cut out of oak that has a mount for:
  • a cam follower I ordered from McMaster-Carr
  • The arm is attached with some rope to a double pulley that pulls the arms up and down.
  • Finally, I used an old cordless drill battery as a counterweight, so the motor didn't have to strain so hard.
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